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Creative Leaders

Within the realm of interior design, the harmonious and effortless fusion of aesthetics and functionality is a hallmark of excellence.
At Infinity and Beyond, our team embodies this ethos. We comprise individuals with a keen eye for detail and boundless creativity, crafting some of the most exquisite designs, making an astonishing interior designers portfolio in Hyderabad.


Mohammed Arif

Co Founder

Arif is the creative mind behind Infinity and Beyond, a leading interior design company. He chose this field to blend his creativity with client service. What makes Infinity and Beyond special is its promise to deliver designs that go beyond expectations. Arif’s design philosophy is simple yet elegant creativity. He stays updated on trends through online resources. Arif’s goal is to expand Infinity and Beyond across India, bringing exceptional design to more people.

Mohmed Abubacker

Co Founder

An accomplished architect and math enthusiast who perceives design as a precise equation, where every element can be tailored to meet specific needs. He views design as a collaborative process that harmonizes the unique requirements of each project. Mohmed firmly believes that close collaboration with clients enables the creation of their dream homes, resulting in world-class designs delivered on schedule and within budget.

Mohammed Salman

Co Founder

An architect with business acumen, he believes that the spaces we live in shape our daily emotions. Since founding Tint Tone and Shade in 2016, he has championed the “design and build” philosophy, aiming to make it a global brand emphasizing the importance of balancing light and shadow to create an immersive experience. Now, he is expanding his vision with Infinity and Beyond Interiors to further elevate the design experience and create transformative spaces on a larger scale.
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Nanda Kumaran

Managing Partner

A LEED GA and IGBC Accredited Professional with a Masters in Construction Engineering & Management, Nanda Kumaran is dedicated to delivering happy homes. He believes in valuing people’s choices and emphasizes that knowledge gained from experience is invaluable. Nanda takes full responsibility for ensuring that clients have a hassle-free and peaceful experience with Infinity and Beyond Interiors.

Vaishali Sampath

Managing Partner

Vaishali Sampath holds a Masters in Interior and Furniture Design and is the winner of the South Indian Startup Awards 2018 for Aspiring Entrepreneur. She is passionate about client interactions and business discussions, believing that daily learning adds significant value to one’s career. Her empathetic and confident approach ensures that both the company and clients benefit mutually, fostering a win-win attitude in all aspects of her work.


Studio Director

As the Studio Director at Infinity and Beyond, my primary focus is on providing strategic direction and leadership to our design team. Additionally, I am responsible for managing client relations and collaborating with various departments within the firm, which has been instrumental in maintaining seamless operations.

Alekya Ninavath

Sales Associate

At Infinity and Beyond Interiors, I excel by truly listening to clients and interpreting their unspoken needs. This approach fuels my passion for exceeding expectations, creating seamless customer journeys, and securing successful closures, resulting in satisfied clients.

Umar Shareef

Business Manager

I am a techie turned Business Manager. Passionate about creating inspiring spaces that blend functionality with aesthetics. I am driven by a passion for crafting inspiring spaces that combine functionality and aesthetics. With a keen eye for detail and understanding of client needs, I strive to exceed client expectations and deliver desired results.


Business Manager

Architecture laid my foundation, but interior design ignited my passion. As the Business Manager at Infinity and Beyond, I seamlessly blend creativity and strategy, focusing on exceptional service and client relationships, leading teams, optimising operations, and steering projects to successful completions.

Irfan Ahmed

Lead Designer

Leading with passion and flair, I infuse every project with innovation and style, from the initial spark of inspiration to completion. With a passion for photography, I draw inspiration from my travels, bringing a unique perspective to my designs at Infinity and Beyond Interiors. Proficient in design software and armed with an eye for detail, I craft spaces that resonate with your soul.


Lead Designer

With an unwavering passion for interior design, I create thoughtfully curated spaces that reflect our clients’ unique personalities and needs. At Infinity and Beyond Interiors, I push the boundaries of design where beauty meets functionality, empowering our clients to live and work in spaces that elevate their everyday experiences.


Lead Designer

Driven by a boundless passion for interior design, I joined Infinity and Beyond Interiors to nurture potential and achieve excellence. I believe our team is our greatest asset, and together, we unlock infinite possibilities, creating environments where passion meets purpose.

Sathvik Reddy

Lead Designer

With a commitment to excellence, I foster a creative workplace at Infinity and Beyond Interiors. As a lead designer, I craft spaces that inspire and empower, transforming visions into captivating realities and unlocking boundless possibilities in every project.

Sowmya Reddy

Lead Designer

Embracing a philosophy of fostering growth, I joined Infinity and Beyond Interiors to create inspiring spaces. I joined a team that mirrors my commitment to achieving greatness and strives to forge an environment where passion intersects with purpose, exploring endless opportunities together.


Lead Designer

Passionate about interior design, I joined Infinity and Beyond Interiors to craft inspiring spaces that balance cost-efficiency with aesthetic refinement. Dedicated to excellence, I believe in our collective potential to embrace boundless possibilities and drive design innovation.

Jyothi Kurakula

Lead Designer

I believe that great design is not just about aesthetics, but about telling a story and reflecting the aspirations of the people who inhabit the space. My passion for interior design has driven me to aim in evoking emotions and inspire through thoughtful design, pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation.

Eshwar Naik

Operations Head

With meticulous attention to detail and a drive for efficiency, I streamline operations at Infinity and Beyond Interiors, transforming home interiors with personalised designs. I leverage my expertise in project management to deliver exceptional results and turn design visions into reality.


Procurement Head

At Tint Tone and Shade Interiors, I am privileged to serve as the Procurement Head, driven by a profound passion for excellence. Inspired by the opportunity to shape our sourcing strategies, I am dedicated to fostering impactful partnerships and implementing efficient procurement practices. With my team, we aim to elevate standards and ignite innovation across our projects.

Amer Sohail

Project Manager

As a Project Manager, I am driven by a passion for exploring, innovating, and pushing boundaries. I am to reach for infinity and beyond, delivering exceptional project outcomes. Client satisfaction and timely delivery of projects are my priorities.


Social Media Manager

As a social media enthusiast turned strategist, I view the internet not as a place, but as a community where stories are told and connections are built. I’m thrilled to collaborate with our team to craft engaging content that helps homeowners identify their ideal interior design partner, Infinity and Beyond Interiors, to transform their homes.


Video Editor

A multifaceted creative with expertise in fine arts, illustrations, painting, design, and video editing, I craft visually captivating narratives. Passionate about translating concepts into stunning visual stories, I enhance interior aesthetics by creating engaging content that elevates the design experience.

Sathish Charles

HR Manager

With a diverse and creative team of associates. I partner with leaders to establish and improve the culture and associate experience, aligned with the business growth and innovation goals. I thrive in these dynamic and collaborative environments, empowering and supporting associates to reach their full potential.

Pediredla Rama
Lakshmi Vineela

Human Resources

Fueled by a passion for human resources, I cultivate a workplace at Infinity and Beyond Interiors where every individual’s potential is nurtured. Committed to creating an environment where passion meets purpose, I empower team members to soar to new heights, unlocking infinite possibilities.



With a passion for excellence and meticulous detail, I bring extensive financial expertise to our interior design firm. Embracing the belief that “success is the sum of details,” I ensure our financial processes are accurate and robust, supporting the company’s growth and stability.
Mohmed Abubacker


Mohmed Abubacker

An Architect and a math enthusiast, he understands design as a math equation where each and every component can be measured and designed to anyone’s need. He sees design as a collaborative process that integrates each projects with its very own specific needs where he strongly believes with in close collaboration with our clients we can shape our homes as we always dream. This is how we create world-class design completed according to unique design, schedule and budget.
Mohammed Salman


Mohammed Salman

An Architect, Business enthusiast and affable in nature, Salman always say that the space we live in classifies our everyday emotions.
When a lot of people asked him the reason behind the name Tint Tone and Shade, this is what he says, “taking up an imaginary house you need to tint it to reduce the darkness, shade some space to produce darkness and tone it altogether to give the user an never ending experience” He founded Tint Tone and Shade in 2016 and since then he believes and preaches the concept “design and build”. He has set his vision to make TTS a global brand in the near future transforming many families across the world.
Nanda Kumaran

Managing Partner

Nanda Kumaran

A LEED GA and IGBC Accredited Professional with Masters in Construction Engineering & Management and benevolent by nature, Nanda has always believed in going by people’s choice. He also strongly believes that any knowledge that is gained out of experience can never get faded away, hence guides the team in the same way. With taking the fullest charge in delivering happy homes, he always makes sure that our clients have a very hassle-free and peaceful experience with us.
Vaishali Sampath

Managing Partner

Vaishali Sampath

With a Masters in Interior and Furniture Design and the Winner of South Indian Startup Awards – 2018 under the category of Aspiring Entrepreneur, Vaishali loves to indulge herself into the client interactions and business discussions. “Even the smallest things learnt everyday adds a huge value to your self and the career” she says. A strong win-win attitude, balance of courage and consideration with being empathetic and confident at the same time helps her ensure that both, us and the clients are mutually beneficial in all aspects.