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Why Infinity and Beyond?

Infinity and Beyondis the go-to choice for people who want to experience the best of fine living. It has a team of top interior designers in Hyderabad working tirelessly to make your dream homes become a beautiful reality. With creatively-driven designers, on-site experts, versatile vendors and competitive team leads, Infinity and Beyond is pushing the boundaries in architecture and interior to make wonders happen.

How does Infinity and Beyond stand out from other designers / contractors?

Infinity and Beyondbrings you the best of aesthetics with an innovative edge that makes every home future-ready. We keep a close eye on the trends in both style and technology to introduce smart homes that are always ahead of our time. With the best interior designers in Hyderabad we co-create spaces through unique solutions, designer-standard materials, seamless installations and fulfilled warranties that are sure to keep us ahead of the competition in the field.

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Where is Infinity and Beyond office located?

Infinity and Beyond has all of its great ideas happening at 2nd Floor, Plot No 196 & 197, Doyens Lake Side Township, Serilingampally, Hyderabad, Telangana – 500019

What are the types of interiors done by you?

We at Infinity and Beyond have a niche in Residential interiors of every scale and requirement. From traditional homes to contemporary condos-you name anything, we will do it!
As our name suggests, we also choose to go BEYOND residential projects to get our hands on mixed-residential projects, workplaces and more that call for premium interiors.

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What do you mean by turnkey solutions?

With turnkey solutions, we take up design + build projects where we take care of everything from the scratch. The projects will be executed right from the design phase till the execution and handover so that you can relax and directly get the key to stunning interior space.

Do you design a part of a space/project?


We will be happy to design a part of your space/project, given that the project value is above our minimum budget. You can request an instant quote for your project’s scope and discuss it further with our team for more details.

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I don’t live in India. Can you design my home/office here?


We have a dedicated customer support executive who will keep you on track regarding every need of your project. You can choose to hold online discussions and get live updates via e-mails or Whatsapp or whichever other medium of contact is convenient for you.

Who will be in-charge of my project?

We have a team of top interior designers in Hyderabad at the junior and senior levels, who will take care of every phase of your project. The project lead at Infinity and Beyond will be in charge of the project and stay connected with you through an expert from the team who will be your point of contact.

Who designs my space?

We have handpicked interior designers for home to design and execute your space with high professionalism and prodigious expertise. These experts from Infinity and Beyond deliver the best designs within the quickest timelines without compromising on the quality, so that you can be at ease.

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Will I be able to choose my designer?

As a multi-faceted team of experts, we make sure that we appoint the best home interior designers who match your project’s unique requirements. You can trust us with the choice. But if you still insist on making your choice, we are always open to hearing you out.

Do you undertake civil works?

As a part of turnkey solutions offered by us, we undertake civil works for any project. These services are enabled by our strong network of service partners and vendors who have been associated with us for a long time.

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Who will undertake the installation works?

We collaborate with service partners who have been chosen by us as reliable associates. They are thoroughly screened for their credibility, expertise, punctuality and productivity through a custom selection checklist followed by the Infinity and Beyond team.

How can I schedule my design consultation?

You can schedule your design consultation with our best home interior designers by clicking the link here. Get a call back from us or share your project detail right away, by filling the contact form.

I have submitted the form online. When will I get a call?

Congratulations! You have taken the first step to design your dream home. You can expect a call from us anytime, within the next 24 – 72 hours!

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What is Infinity and Beyond Experience Centre?

Infinity and Beyond Experience Centre is where you can see the designs come live. With a range of material libraries, interior mockups, modular units and furniture displays, we invite you to touch and feel everything the best interior designers in Hyderabad would talk about. In simple words, we translate the complicated designerterms into understandable visuals so that you can make the right, informed decision for every part of your home.

Experience the reality at 2nd Floor, Plot No 196 & 197, Doyens Lake Side Township, Serilingampally, Hyderabad, Telangana – 500019

When can I visit the Experience Centre?

Confirm our availability with the team and visit the experience centre whenever it is convenient for you! We just want to make sure that we have the right expert to walk you through the space.

Will I be able to see the materials, colors ranges or finishes prior to booking?


We are glad to take you through your possible choices in terms of materials, colors or finishes before you make your booking with us, because we want you to take an informed decision. The Experience Centre is exclusively designed to introduce you to the same, so that you could take a sneak peek of how good a space can look when designed by Infinity and Beyond.

How soon can I get my home designed?

45 DAYS.

We are proud to make a 45-day promise because we have the best interior designers in Hyderabad who can make this work! Although it depends on a number of factors like project scale, requirements and more, we make sure that the bandwidth is minimum. Don’t worry, we’ll keep you informed about any such case, well in advance, so that you enjoy the transparency of our services.

How long will the installation take?

We have a successful clientele who have appreciated us for the timely delivery of their project. That being said, you can be assured that the installation will be done on time, as per the project schedule shared with you that will be approved during the early stages of the project.

Whom should I contact when I have queries?

You can approach the Infinity and Beyond team anytime.

If it is urgent, give us a ring at +91 87788 04499 

If it is a detailed query, drop the details at